Why choose Acker Home Inspections?

Acker Home Inspections is owned and operated by Tamill Acker and is based in Little Elm Texas. Tamill is a loving husband to his wife of six years Nikki Acker and a proud father of five wonderful kids. Tamill has over 10 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry as an inspector, real estate investor and manger for companies such as Bank of America and Sears. His goal is to provide home buyers, investors and realtors with inspection reporting that includes photos and easy to read commentary which hopefully makes the home buying process less stressful. Call 972-590-8719 or send an email to tacker@ahidfw.com to book your appointment.


Acker Home Inspections provides all standard inspection services and more for your safety and convenience


Evaluation of structure, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing and foundation with a zip level


Evaluation of interior and exterior structure and plumbing spaces/cavities for deficiencies


Evaluation of the support for your home to make sure it is without fault.

Plumbing & Sewer Cam Inspections

Evaluation & video inspection of water heater, drains, water supply system, septic tanks and other fixtures.


Evaluation of your heating and cooling system.

Pool Inspections

Evaluation of pool controls, valves, and general operation.

Termite (WDI) Inspections

Evaluation of property for the presence of wood destroying insects.

Phase Inspections

Non-biased opinion regarding the quality and installation practices being used.

We believe in quality, detail oriented service.

Home inspections require representatives to have an eye for detail. Our inspectors are highly qualified specialists that understand the importance of your home's safety.


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Let us Inspect it before you Invest in it. Set up an appointment with us to schedule an expert home inspection.


Home Warranties Included With Every Inspection